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Prearranging a funeral

More people are doing it...

Prearranging a funeral is something being considered by more and more people. It is a very thoughtful way of assisting family and friends anxious to fulfill a person's wishes for their funeral.

There are a number of considerations like what form of funeral will it be and where? Will it be a cremation or a burial? What music, if any? What about flowers? What do we need to do to ensure a reasonably low cost funeral? Are there other special things the family should know but have not asked or have not been told?

Image of Fernvale CemeteryThe simple solution is to prearrange your funeral with the funeral firm of your choice. This involves a meeting with an experienced funeral director who helps you set out all your personal wishes for your funeral.

You should be aware though that none of these plans is legally binding and that family or friends who eventually arrange your funeral will be able to vary what you have nominated.

Make arrangements now

This can be organised very simply by using our 'Your Personal Record' book and turning to the tear-off section on the back cover. Fill it in and return it to us in the self-addressed envelope enclosed. We'll keep it safe for your family.

What about funeral funds?

Funeral funds are basically savings and/or insurance plans where people save small amounts regularly so as to reduce the cost of their funeral. The result is a more affordable funeral when the need finally arises. Funeral bonds can also be purchased for virtually any amount, but bonds of $5,000 and $10,000 are popular. Involvement is entirely a matter of choice. If you decide to make financial arrangements for your funeral in advance, Somerset Funerals can help facilitate this through an established, reputable funeral fund.